Eric & Christopher Products

Eric & Christopher Products

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Based in Bucks County, Pa. (one hour north of Philadelphia), "Eric & Christopher" was started in January 2012 by two artists (Eric Fausnacht and Christopher Kline) looking to expand our creativity and collaborate on a new adventure.

Eric and Christopher met while participating in an art show outside of Philadelphia, PA. At the show, Christopher introduced Eric to a new art project he was developing titled "Push Pull Print" (2011). Christopher, an experienced oil painter and screen print artist, invited 20 artists to convert their works into screen prints with his help. Upon completion, all the participating artists showcased their finished pieces in a show. Eric accepted the challenge and through the process Chris and Eric were able to talk about their art and their businesses.

Shortly after the completion of the second "Push Pull Print" project, Eric had come up with the idea to put his images on to pillows. He and Christopher then started taking pictures of farm animals at local farms, and within the first six months, they sold 1,000 pillows. The business is rapidly expanding, and their pillows and tote bags can now be found in over 800 boutique shops and online retailers throughout the world.


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