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David Kern Vie Chevre - Goat Life Soap @ the Broad Street Market

David Kern Vie Chevre - Goat Life Soap @ the Broad Street Market


Vie Chevre Goat Life Soap was a complete accident.  Both my husband and I have sensitive skin, so we have always had trouble finding a good soap that didn't cause breakouts.  Then Christmas 2014, my mother in law gave my husband and I a set of homemade soaps that she had made for everyone in the family. The one thing different was that she didn't use any essential oils, but replaced it with actual herbs.  When we took it home and tried it out, for the first time neither one of us broke out. 

So that spring I decided I needed a new hobby, so I began looking up different soap recipes, and the one I really wanted to make was goat milk soap. I always loved the feeling my skin had after using it.  So I got some milk from the Broad Street Market across the street and started making different recipes. I would make different variations of the recipes until I came up what would be Vie Chevre's Original, which was based on a late 16th century recipe. By this point I had made a lot of bars and started giving them to friends.  

One day the manager at the Broad Street Market at the time said to me that I should sell the extra soap at the Odd Ones Bizarre that was taking place in just over a week. So I quickly came up with a package and logo thinking that it would be a way to get rid of all the extra bars.  That day came and I had about 100 bars to sell, little did I know that I would sell out that day and start a path to an amazing journey.  

What started off as a hobby is now a full blow collective of products made with ingredients from local farms, and now a whole line of products made by amazing local artists exclusively for Vie Chevre. 


About Vie Chevre

Vie Chevre - Goat Life Soap is homemade unscented lye goat milk soap products to help pamper & care for your skin. Our philosophy is to use the very best without other fillers.  It's Soap Made Simple. Some other goat milk soap products used greasy vegetable or palm oil which can leave the skin a bit oily, as well be harmful to the enviroment, so VC uses straight raw ingredients to create an amazing product that is also socially responsible.  If you are combination or sensitive skin person, Vie Chevre is just for you. We believe in just a few basic products, which is all you need for the best skin. We also try to create products that last a long time for a great price.  


Each one of our products is made with all natural raw ingredients from locally sourced Pennsylvania Farms and suppliers, as well as our packaging and containers are made with either recycled materials are re-usable. 

If you have any questions about any of our products, let us know.  Also if you are looking for custom orders for a shower or just a special scent, check out what we offer.