Green Ridge Acres

Since 2004, Green Ridge Acres has been providing Central PA the finest grassfed, free range meats and organically grown produce. We are family owned and operated, and committed to providing our customers with the highest quality in every item we offer. Green Ridge Acres products are inherently healthier, and deliver the best flavor and eating satisfaction.

In a natural setting, many factors affect the flavor and eating qualities of a product. We feel that consumed animals should only be fed direct-grazed grass and legumes, and the dried hay of pasture. Likewise, produce should be grown free of pesticides and soil additives.

Additionally, Green Ridge Acres cheeses are produced locally from the milk of animals raised soley on pasture. Our canned and fermented products are also sourced locally, ensuring the highest levels of quality and freshness. Be assured we wouldn’t feed your family anything that we wouldn’t feed ours.

As we also appreciate the finer tastes that nature has to offer, you’ll find many delicacies and specialty foods at Green Ridge Acres. Our products change seasonally, so please call to confirm availability. We welcome you to stop by our Broad Street Market location to see and taste the difference in quality of Green Ridge Acres grass fed, free-range meats, poultry, dairy and organically grown produce. We hang our reputation on it—everyday.

David Kern