Rocky Goat Acres

Nestled in the beautiful Blue Mountains of South Central PA, the “farm” as they call it, is situated on 1.5 acres within the intentional community of Greening Life.

Husband, Roger and his wife, Kimberly, along with their daughter, Camryn, moved to their home in 2011. Although none of them had the intention of becoming farmers, their love for the area, increased awareness for their surroundings, and wanting to become more self-reliant lead them down the path they are on today. The family first started with trying their hands at raising chickens in 2012. In 2013 they planted their first vegetable garden, using the Square Foot Gardening method, and found out they had a green thumb after all. Then in the spring of 2014 Roger and Kimberly decided they would love to try their hands at raising dairy goats. After many months of research, the family decided that Nigerian Dwarfs were the goats for them. The size of the Nigerian Dwarfs makes them well suited for a small homestead; they produced quality milk, high in butterfat, and produced just a few quarts a day, which was perfect for their sized family. They contacted a local breeder, and in late October, on a very cold and chilly day, the family visited her farm to pick out their new does. 

Ever hear the expression, putting the cart before the horse? Well that is exactly what the felt they did; they picked out two does, but had no place to house them. The property did have an existing Pole Barn, but it was nowhere near outfitted to house goats, nor did they have fencing in place, to keep the goats “in”.. So while their 2 girls were being breed, Roger and Kimberely got to work on retrofitting the pole barn and putting up the fence… November! The family completed the “barn” by January, and brought their girls home– and Rocky Goat Acres was established.

David Kern